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Leaving Achill
I got up quite early. It was our group's turn to fix the breakfast and prepare lunch packages for everybody. The evening before and the night had been very stormy and when I looked out of the window in the dining-room I saw that it the wind was still very strong and it was still raining. Maybe almost a whole week of good weather was too much for Achill Island or maybe the Island wanted to make it easier for us to say: "Farewell" I had been a great week, but there was still another night in Dublin. The coach which took us to Westport left at 10 am. The rain was still heavy and we hardly could see anything through the windows. Soon we reached Achill Sound and it was time to say a last: "Goodbye" to Achill Island. In Westport there was another coach waiting for us. The railway tracks were out of order, so we had to get to Athlone by coach. Time flew by, because I was asleep almost the whole time. On the train to Dublin people were doing different things. Some were talking with their new friends, some were sleeping, some were even still working. And of course, a lot of people walked through the compartment to collect the names and e-mail addresses of the other travellers. In Dublin we took taxis to the hostel. We checked in and fortunately, the 24-bedded room was full and so the girls were given 6-bedded rooms instead. At 7 p.m. there was a last meeting in the breakfast room of the hostel. Afterwards we spread to have dinner in different restaurants. Later we all met in a pub. Some went to a club, but I was too tired. Later when I lay in my bed I thought about the week and the experience I have made and came to one conclusion: My time on Achill was great.

Simone Klibingat

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