There once was a student from Sweden
Who thought he had landed in Eden
His 24 dorm
Was all female in form
Dark glasses? - he's certainly need'em.

-Written to celebrate the fact that
Daniel was the only male in a 24 - bed
room in the Dublin hostel - the other 23 were women!

Brighton joins Europe
We met at 7 a.m. at Brighton Station and greeted each other with enthusiasm. We were all really excited about the trip. As one student was late we couldn't catch the train we had planned to, but the next train was OK. Waterloo Station was very crowded but we managed to find time for a coffee while we were waiting for the train. In the waiting area we saw a group of Scottish men in their kilts and took some photos with them.
We boarded Eurostar to Brussels at 12.00 and during the three-hour journey some passengers caught up on their sleep and some listened to music. We talked about our project and our short visit to Brussels as it was our first time in the capital of the European Union. Unfortunately we arrived later than expected because the train was delayed by a technical fault. So instead of a three-hour visit to the centre of Brussels we could only manage a shorter tour.
We caught the Metro train to Bourse Station and walked to the Grande Place, took some photos - despite the fact that it was snowing very hard - found a nice café and had some delicious Belgian hot chocolate.
We had a pleasant surprise when we met some of the other project groups on the train to the airport and then the rest of the groups when we arrived at the airport. The AerLingus flight was enjoyable. After13 hours of travelling we arrived in Dublin where we had a little time to relax and get to know each other.

Nadia D

It was a very snowy evening when we met up at the train station in Umeå. The train was a bit delayed. It turned out it was because there had been an accident: They had hit a moose on the way! We had sleeping compartments, 3 beds in each. Most of the team wan to see the movie that was playing. After that we sat an talked for a while, bit we decided to go to bed early, we had a very long day in front of us. The beds were comfortable and the rhythmic thumping of the train put us fast asleep.

We arrived at Arlanda airport Stockholm, early Friday morning. The plane didn't leave until five that evening, so we had a lot of time on our hands to plan our workshops. We flew through Copenhagen and arrived at Dublin at 10 p.m., which left us a few hours to walk around and explore Dublin before Friday our beds at the hostel.

Malin Näsholm

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