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General Information and useful links

  • Mobile numbers of Co-organisers:
    • Laurence Borgmann: +49 175 5654274
    • Thomas Berger: +49 170 9122221
    • Lili Wilson: +44 7980544106
    • Pat Shrimpton: +46 70 96 20 214
    • Alexandra Haas: +49 177 3265983
    • Jens Andreas Faulstich: +49 177 27 22 874
  • Bring warm jumpers as inside Irish houses it is often colder than outside!
  • Thomas will bring train tickets and flight tickets to Brussels if not agreed otherwise
  • check your health insurance for conditions and necessary documents abroad
  • Linen:
    • Dublin - Hotel: Linen provided; Hostel: bring your youth hostel sheet bag or rent linen at the hostel
    • Achill - Linen will be provided in Cottages and in the hostel; bring extra towels
  • Laundry facility is available on Achill in the hostel
  • Most of train tickets are group tickets - you have to go back with the same group on the return journey
  • Retrive money from ATMs in Dublin as bank facilities on Achill are very limited
  • For currency exchange rates check:
  • Dubin Information
  • Achill Information and Map
  • Voltage in Ireland: 220 Volt - all continental participants need country adapters
  • Plugs in the hostel are limited - bring distributors
  • Bring your laptop and digital camera with you
  • You might have to switch on your laptop at customs (airport) - have it available
  • please bring also:
    • 2 ITEMS that you think represent your country in some way and an explanation why
    • 1 SONG (NOT the national hymn) that you think symbolize your country



is a good starting point which leads you to a number of different websites, plus it has a very nice interactive city map (see below). It has sections on art, architecture, history, and other topics of interest. Probably we won?t need the guide to accomodation in Dublin? but travellers should have a quick glance at the website anyway.

For those who like interactive maps which will take up quite a bit of your computer?s memory capacities?. It can be quite helpful. You can do virtual walks of the city, click your way through various quarters, find tourist attractions etc. Click on shopping, theatres? but you won?t find many details or photos there.


If you want to get a first 360 impression of Dublin sites, this page is a real must. Very nice, indeed!


This site provides basic information on Dublin?s history, sites to visit etc. An nice introduction.


This website on architecture in Ireland is quite well done. The Dublin section is structured according to architectural periods. It is easy to use, provides lots of pictures and dates the buildings.


The award-winning Dublin Night Sky Observer for astronomists features a number of slightly peculiar, yet highly original special-interest features ? including articles about astro-events, up-to-date lists of moon phases, visibility of the Jovian Satellites and other data.

And finally, two "What's on" guides

Night clubs (recommended by Gaeltacht travel) in Dublin:

  • Knightsbridge and Zanzibar at North Quay between O'Connel Bridge and Four Courts
  • Boomerang, Club M, Pierre, Turkheads, Fitzsimons - all at Temple Bar
  • Lilys Bordello in Grafton Street (not what you might think first - special recommendation) beside Burger King

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