The New Year's Eve Train

He was walking very fast rushing to the station to catch the last train. The streets were empty. He could see the reflection of the streetlights in the puddles left after the heavy rain. Fortunately the rain had just stopped, but soon it would start again. He hoped by then he would be in the warm and dry compartment heading to the New Year's Eve party. He was really looking forward to this party. He hoped to meet a lot of old friends he hadn't seen for a long time. The street decorations were really nice this year even for a little village like this. Father Christmas figures, Christmas trees and stars of all shapes and sizes were shining in the shop windows and the streets were festooned with shiny colourful garlands. As he ran on to the platform he saw the last train pulling out of the station and speeding up...

You probably will be able to follow the fate of the poor chap who missed the last train in our web site at soon. At the moment sixty of us are busy connecting our episodes which are related to train adventures. We are participating in a European Union based project called CONNECT. On February 2 2001 we will travel by train from all over Europe (Spain, UK, Germany, Sweden, Austria, and Italy) to Brussels to meet each other and travel to Dublin where we will sample Irish hospitality and soak up the international atmosphere of this lovely capital city for two days. Then we will continue our train adventure from Dublin to Westport and finally by bus to Keele on Achill Island where we will meet the Irish participants of the project. It is at this stage that we put the final touches to our interconnected web-based hypertext stories. We are all very eager to meet as many people as possible during our stay on Achill and are looking forward to seeing you all. So please watch this space for further information and meanwhile do look up our web site: at

Happy New Year!

Lili Wilson
Project co-organiser Brighton

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