Plans for our Stay on Achill Island in Progress

We, 60 people from various European countries, are travelling to Achill Island at the beginning of February. The journey is part of a European project called "CONNECT - Network TRAINing".

During the one-week stay, we are planning to have some activities and workshops on Achill Island. Last year, our group had the opportunity to experience a theatre workshop, for example. One idea for this year's workshops is to visit a local farmer with a group of three or four international participants. This workshop might take one or two days - and it would be extremely interesting for us.

One aim of the whole journey is to connect people from Europe; this workshop could give us a particularly good impression of how farmers live and work on Achill Island. In exchange for those experiences, the participants are prepared to dig up a field or do anything else that is required.

If you are a farmer and interested in giving some people from various European countries the chance to realise this farming workshop, please contact Sheila McHugh or Sean Cannon.

Andreas Schnitzler Sophia Komor Ulrike Meyn

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