Course description

Project course All Aboard! A Web Novel
VHS Hamburg

1. Course contents:

ALL ABOARD! Ride the Train and write a story
Join other Europeans on a virtual train ride to Ireland. Use your imagination to write and design a web-story in (simple) English. Follow the footsteps of great writers and describe historic places, technical and architectional highlights, fictionalk people etc. Get in touch with people from Madrid, Brighton, Volterra, Graz, Umeå, Cologne, Kassel, Hamburg... in cyberspace as well as in reality. Ride the train to County Mayo, Ireland in February 2001, meet participants on the way and continue to publish your story while you travel.

2. Course location:

Landesmedienzentrum Hamburg, Kieler Str. 171

3. Course duration:

Mittwoch, 1.11.2000-6.12.2000, 18-21 Uhr, 24 UStd., 6 Termine

4. Course fee:

126 DM

5. Contact:

Kerstin Otto, Hans-Hermann Groppe, 040 42841-2751,